Liz Cheney fighting to restore the good in the Republican party

Kritter Robin
2 min readMay 12, 2021

It’s no surprise that a woman is the only ranking Republican with the courage to fight to restore the honour of her party.

She may very well end up being the one to save the Republican party as others will start to gain a bit of courage and follow her. The more noise she makes the more Republicans will rally around her.

I suspect even Democrats will come to her aid since they understand they need a Republican party that sticks to morals and ethics. A party of ideas and not conspiracy theories.

For the most part traditional Republicans and moderate Democrats are not that far apart.

Although Liz Cheney’s policies are not the Democrat’s cup of tea, they are much better than the lunacy-tunics conspiratorial Republicans are wearing today.

She could start drawing many prominent Republicans and Democrats to pull their forces together to combat the fascist and authoritarian leaning Republican Trumpists.

Could we see a New Republican Party, one that abandons the Machiavellian tactics of the past that landed them in this dire situation?

As a woman, if she sticks to her position as the opposition to Donald Trump it will drive him absolutely mad. It seems as though American politics is going to be led by women and not men in the coming years. This being the case Americans can expect a booming economy and the best social order they have ever had.

Good on you Liz Cheney!



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