Not yet born

Kritter Robin
2 min readMay 11, 2021

A tribute to my mother as what me as a fetus would feel while I was being carried.

Photo by Peter Oslanec on Unsplash

Life is in motion
Who carries me?
What is her name?
I feel where she lives!
Ten twists and three bumps and a boom.
I hear her breath.
Her heart feeds me.
I make her crazy.
I tell her to eat funny things!

I get her attention, I kick.
I get her attention, I stay still.

I hear voices, outside my soft walls.
My room floats around me.

Lying still yet I move.
I travel through muffled noises.

I feel her fear, her happiness.
When she is sad, I move.
That makes her happy.

It is time.
My room is getting smaller.
She wants me out.
Now I am afraid.

I’m pushed through the door.
Strange and bony cold walls hold me.
Noises overwhelm me.
This is new and scary.

My room evacuates me.
And spills down my body.
A new room occupies me.
It is cold, sharp and light.

I can only think about her.
I know her flesh.
As it is mine.

I am in just outside my home.
In her arms.
She breathes upon my face.

I know her smell.
Everything is new.
I am forgetting.
What I knew.

About my life before I was born.
Yet somehow I know.
Someday I will remember.

Everybody is Not A Parent

Big brother Daph

When I was not yet born


She could remember every detail of everything that she ever saw or read and even more. She was a prolific reader, writer, artist and social magnet.

It was tough being her son, she was so intelligent and demanding. Just a little rubbed off onto me and it made me a superstar where ever I went.

Yet, she was a true mother with all of the grace of a nurse and the care of a sheppard. Her mind was always working on poetry full of color and hues of sentimental overtones.

Not a traditional stay home take care of me mother. She was an independant spirit with six children in tow. I know we were a burden to her creativity, but now we are a product of her craft. All six of her children carry her tallents to a degree or another.




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