Russian 2020 Election Suppression Tactics 2.0 / Q

It an all out cyber war the Russian will execute

Kritter Robin
6 min readSep 21, 2020


Interfering in the US elections is nothing new. Our enemies and friends have both sought various outcomes depending on their own needs.

Today that job is much easier and cheaper than it used to be in times past. The techniques, however, remain basically the same.

It’s not just the Russian’s, however, let’s say they are the cyber dream team when it comes to this nasty business.

Sex, money and blackmail (Kompromat)

Blackmail with Russian operatives has been their long game. When you see politicians and business leaders mysteriously doing the wrong thing that looks that clearly does not make any sense then there is a big possibility they have been compromised.

The acceptance of gifts in any government and company for that matter has been prohibited or frowned upon. The simple reason of reciprocity. I do something for you, but I need a favor though.

There are so many ways to create situations where sex, cheating and dishonesty can lure a politician into a blackmail trap. Politicians need money for campaigns, they need projects for their constituents, they hobnob with many colorful characters to gain influence, donors and information needed against opponents.

With the internet all of these things can be done remotely. The first steps are creating connections through fundraisers, lobbyists and major donors. To gain influence you don’t need to corrupt the politician directly, you just need to get favors such as giving entry to other third parties.

It is quite possible that many Republicans and some Democrats have been long gamed over the years and now they have two choices, go down in flames or do some favors.

During this period before the elections all favors will be called in, so expect to see some very irrational behavior from certain individuals. They will do anything because this is the end of the trail for them.


What better way to completely throw the wrench in the 2020 election works by supporting a major conspiracy cult movement.

Russian government-supported organisations are playing a small but increasing role amplifying conspiracy theories promoted by QAnon, raising concerns of interference in the November US election. — Russian-backed organisations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say with Reuters

It’s not hard to do. If you can have people believing the earth is flat and about lizard aliens amongst us then why would it be so hard to create an organized political conspiracy cult.

Social networks like Facebook make it so easy to find victims. Through a soft play and lure them over to hard core platforms like

Cults are not new to America, they are just easier to create and promote. Once in a cult it is very hard to get out.

Trumpism has developed into a full blown cult like following. The proof is evident in that cult leaders are not accountable for what they do. They are followed by who they are. They are adored in a god like fashion and they can do no wrong.

There are over 3000 cult groups in the U.S. alone. Don’t be fooled. Victim & Family Support. Group Investigation. Intervention Assistance. Education and Awareness. Highlights: Newsletter Available, Resource Center Available. — Cults in America (

Hard core cult followers are minorities, but many cults have made entry much easier but using soft information. Many people don’t know they are following cult beliefs.

Russians are masters at disinformation. It was part of the cold war tactics for controlling their own people and influencing foreign relations.

The definitely have their hand in working with US based collaborators, who by the way will have no idea they are dealing with Russians. They never advertise who they are and they never have.

Billionaire Donner Feuds

How to keep their donner money out of the race against Trump? Let’s get the feuds going.

There has no reporting on this, but have you noticed the increase in personal feuds between the billionaires who might help fund anti-trump campaigns? That is what the news seems to be about, there seems to have been an uptick in petty feuds. Somebody is stirring up the muck and amplifying personal differences possibly to keep them busy thinking about feuding and not on what is happening to their country.

With heavy weight billionaires taking an interest in how bad Donald Trump is for the country and moving to support Biden, the rational move would be how to keep their money and interest out of the race.

There were 58 (1–4b) billionaires who supported Donald Trump in 2020 and much of that money have already been burned through (Forbes April 2020). Biden as 70 billionaires (1–25b) considerable more than Donald Trump, therefore it will be very important for any additional billionaire to not participate in working against Donald Trump.

Even an early support Mark Cuban (4.3b) is endorsing Biden and possibly pitching in to help Biden’s campaign.

Bloomberg (42 billion) has proven that big billionaires can be mobilized to spend a lot of money in their own campaigns to defeat Donald Trump. What is even worse is when the do it visibly, which show that Corporate America is even afraid for the future under Trump.

Bill and Melinda Gates have not yet stated publicly if they will support a candidate (I can’t image they would support Trump). If they go into the foray then this could spell big trouble.

What could stop them is the fear of big tax payments if Biden wins. What could make them go for Biden is if they would lose more than that under a United States melt-down under Trump.

It is a calculus decision but the big guns could be on the brink of supporting Biden if they see Trump becoming more dictatorial and irrational. Then their fortunes would mean nothing if they had to follow the autocratic dictates of a Trump White house for four more years. The Amazon, Harley Davidson and Goodyear incident with Trump shows that he is capable of doing nasty things to a company if they don’t do his bidding.

The big billionaires would prefer a more democratic process that they have experience with and know they could muster a better deal.

Therefore I believe we will see more fear mongering about taxes and an uptick in petty clashes spurred on by social media and planted stores. It may already be happening.

Jeff Bezos v.s. Elon Musk — Elon Musk appeared to imply that Jeff Bezos is too old and Blue Origin is ‘too slow’ to reach the moons — Elon Musk (The Telegraph)

Elon Musk v.s. Bill Gates — Elon Musk shares his thoughts on Bill Gates. They’re not pleasant (CNN- September 14, 2020)

Soft Allures on the Internet

There will be a spate of social media moves that rope people into ideas that have a hidden agenda. Not all of them will point out Democrats as being bad or against these ideas. They will gain the trust of the person then slowly move them to radical ideas. This is already a tactic used by Qanon operators, but will also be a tactic used by Russian operatives. (Rand research — The Russian “Firehose of Falsehood” Propaganda Model)

There are 87 fake new websites many of which are either directly or indirectly feed news from Russian propaganda boiler rooms.

Protect the Children = Democratic Pedafiles

Law and Order = Democrats will burn the country down

No more cars = Democrats green new deal will take away your car

Property value = Democrats will put criminals in cheap homes next to you

Mainstream News and Social Media Bloggers and Trolls

If you have ever read the comments on news sites you will notice many curious things. There are a disproportionate number of very right wing leaning commentators. They comment on everything.

“It’s not a drunk teenager in the basement. It’s really more like a Russian Don Draper,” Linvill says. “It’s an ongoing guerrilla marketing campaign. These are professionals. They know what they’re doing and they’re really good at their job.”

(How To Spot Russian Trolls Online Ahead Of 2020 Election —

This is very effective way to engage with people one on one. There is no need to be blocked by Facebook and there are plenty of articles that help you identify passionate people with political interests.

If they can not convince somebody to chance their opinion they then at least will sow cause confusion and try to create a disillusionment so people will give up on the system and not vote.


Trust nobody, trust nothing but trust your conscience. Some of the best sources of clean and somewhat unbiased information you can get come from free sources.

I would suggest if you want a non-partisan unbiased view you could check out the American Public Broadcasting System, the British BBC , German DW — Deutche Welle — or the French — France24

Most American news organizations are either very or somewhat bias. Fox News is almost trump state propaganda, CNN and MSNBC very anti Trump and anti Republican.



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