The Rise of the American Taliban

Kritter Robin
3 min readOct 11, 2020

When you think of the Taliban you might be tempted to think of Islamist terrorists, so as not to confuse them with other good gun toting well minded men folk.

The Taliban are a bunch of gun toting idologs who use fear and violence to impose their will on people in their society. They are just like their counterparts in American and other countries. Don’t make the mistake in thinking there is such a good thing about militias in this day and age.

We are living in a completely different age. An age of relative peace when compared to just the last century. Most borders are set, most countries have some form of stable government. Any changes that involve militias have not been good. Lebanon is a prime example.

Somebody with a political agenda encourages the formation of a militia. It doesn’t matter why or how these groups form. They are easy to take over and then slowly expand.

They expanded their base while organizing and getting into political offices, over time they are bigger than the local police and infiltrate the military. The idea is set to create some sort of utopian society where their ideology was to be forced on others. The militias then become special groups under the control of the leader who early on has groomed and formed the militias according to his will.

The Roman Dictators had the Praetorian Guard, Saddam Hussein had the Republican Guard.

Hitler’s (Germany)–Volkssturm
Mussolini’s (Italy) — Black shirts
Stalin’s (Russia)–Worker-Peasant Militia
Franco’s (Spain)–The Blueshirts

Whether you like it or not, we have many mini-Taliban movements growing in the United States. All of the tactics are the same. The ideologies are slightly different, but nevertheless entail similar traits.

It’s mainly a macho thing, and yeah, if you find women involved, they are macho too.

Men love guns because it gives them a feeling of power. Power over other people's lives. The mere presence of a gun instills an ominous feeling of power.

Get a gun, look for a cause then presto magico… you got the Taliban.

Ah, you say, it’s not that simple. Oh, yes it is.

A gun “makes a little man feel big, a stupid man feel clever, a frightened man brave, and an insecure man feel sure.” — New York Journal-American newspaper from 1965, “Are You Gun Shy?

It all starts out as a fantasy, find a cause, convert it into some trouble through agitation, get out the gun, put on the gear, march around with a gun and feel powerful and respected like the police.

I’m sure that most of the men in the Taliban would agree, it’s fun to have power over the populous.

Militias are a popular way to take power. It’s not hard to drum up a bunch of men who, given a gun and some money will do just about anything. It’s the love of lording power over somebody else. Many men are afflicted with this disease of needing to feel powerful.

Our so-called wild west was full of bought and paid for militias by cattle rancher tycoons

There is always one person who has tasted power and realizes that he needs to keep it because it is so wonderful, and loosing this power will make him vulnerable to all of the enemies he has create.

Trump pardons Oregon ranchers who sparked 2016 militia standoff — BBC

By accident of observation, he also will note there are many would be and ready militias just looking for a cause to take up arms and follow.

That’s how every dictator and ideological leader got their start, that’s how Mullah Mohammad Omar got his start.

Who knows if America’s Taliban will get the same chance. Let’s wait and see.



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